UNEEK (unique) is an Open Air Sneaker. A next-generation sneaker made from two cords and one sole. A revolutionary and unique hybrid footwear that reconsidered the method of making shoes from scratch and was completed after three and a half years from conception. With Socks: From thin socks to fleece socks, you can change the combination for 3 seasons.


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Features and care
Patented interlocking cord system, two polyester elastic cords that flex with your foot for a great fit
Easy to put on and take off for a comfortable fit, KEEN's unique bungee shoelaces
Microfiber heel back that holds the heel softly
UNEEK original collection using 3mm round cord
Two polyester elastic cords flex with the movement of your foot
High-traction rubber outsole with laser siping for excellent grip
Uses recycled PET
UPPER: 3mm recycled PET round polyester cord x microfiber upper
OUTSOLE: Laser siping on the outsole, non-marking specification with excellent abrasion resistance and grip without leaving footprints
MIDSOLE: Highly resilient PU midsole provides comfortable cushioning
FOOTBED: A lightweight PU (polyurethane) footbed that is three-dimensionally molded to fit the shape of the sole of the foot, and a microfiber top sheet that reduces slippage and increases sweat absorption.
Metatomical footbed
A three-dimensional footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot. It has excellent fit and support, and the material, hardness and shape have been changed according to the application.
Weight & size
Weight: 8.9oz / 252.0g
Care instructions
Do not machine wash, hand wash with mild detergent and water. Remove stains with a sponge or brush. Avoid high temperature and let it dry naturally.
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