Soto Regulator Stove Accessories Set Black


a set of three pieces that assists the regulator stove with ease of use. (1) round "assist pouch" that is easy to store. (2) "ignition assist lever" that assists ignition with a large lever. (3) "assist grip" that covers slip prevention and conduction heat of gotoku. it is a three-point set.

หมวดหมู่ : Camping & Trekking Kitchenware Kitchen Accessories

แบรนด์ : SOTO


■ assist pouch
●external dimensions : diameter 150× depth 55mm
●weight : 77g
●material : cotton (outside), polyethylene (inside)

■ ignition assist lever
●external dimensions : width 22× depth 40× height 40mm
●weight : 6g
●material : Wire: Stainless steel, Body: Resin, Fixing Screw: Steel [M3 (Pitch 0.5) x Length 4mm]

■ assist grip
●external dimensions : diameter 8 × length 90 mm (1 piece)
●weight : 2 g (1 bottle)
●material : silicon rubber
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